Why Do Women Pursue Unavailable Men?

Why Do Women Pursue Unavailable Men?

Why do women pursue unavailable men? That’s the million dollar question and the answer is simple because we think we can change their minds. I have a home girl right now who is dating unavailable man and she's falling for him hard!! Here’s the thing he has told her numerous times that he isn’t looking for anything serious right now because he just got out of a serious relationship. (Rolling my eyes how many times have you heard that ladies?)

He’s a cool guy and all but I often feel like he is giving her false hope. By spending the holidays went her, taking her out and going on baecations with her. Treating her like his girl without the title and making her feel special. She’s already planning their future together in her head but every time she brings up relationship their status with him he will continuously remind her he isn’t ready. I definitely know how she feels because I have done it a few times myself smh. Just like my home girl we both thought/thinking if we show him what we can bring to the table he will change his mind.

Crazy thing is the man she’s dating tells her he isn’t seeing anyone else but her. I fell for that line so manyyyyy times and if I hear it again I’m going to SCREAM!!! LOL …..Anyway, I told my home girl she deserves better but like most of us she’s already emotionally attached. As a woman in 30’s my outlook has changed!!! If we aren’t building together then my tail is single and free to do me. HELLO!! We need to watch out for men who want you to play the part of wifey but still want to be single.

The moral of the story is yes, he is a good guy but he is wasting her time and she's allowing him to do so. My grandmother used to tell me all the time don’t waste your young on these knuckleheads (PG Versus LOL). Most importantly she isn’t recognizing the red flags because like most of us she fears of starting over. Dating can be scaring but if a man tells you from the beginning he isn’t ready and for some strange reason you tell him you’re okay with that. Well Queen you could be setting yourself up to get hurt.

Take care of your heart!