Why Do Women Stay in Unhealthy Relationship?

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Why Do Women Stay in Unhealthy Relationship?

Why Do Women Stay in Unhealthy Relationship? I often ask myself this question even though I been in a few myself (smh don’t worry I’m giving myself the side eye). However, after reflecting from my past relationships and asking a few of the young ladies who have seek relationship advice. I can answer the million dollar question!! It’s ARE LACK OF SELF WORTH!!

1. Low Self-Esteem- Is the number one reason why women stay in unhealthy relationships. I fell victim to this for yearsss and to be honest I still have my moments.

Testimony Time: When I first moved to NYC my bestie and I were at a party in NYC and I met this fine, tall brotha with muscles and his chocolate skin was beautiful…He was FINE lol.. I just knew I hit the lottery. Well the fairytale didn’t last long. After dating for three months we were in a relationship. During the year and half soap opera of a relationship I dealt with a lot.

At first when he would come by my job, class or home without warning me I thought it was cute. But then it got scary because he became controlling. I can still remember when he used to choke me while we were intimate. I would black out and when I would woke up he would tell me I had to learn to listen to him. He wanted me to go everywhere with him even when he went out with his boys. I was extremely scared of him I didn’t even tell my dad hell I didn’t tell anyone. This is my first time sharing this story publicly..

Anyway, I just dealt with it and just tried to find ways to hide the drama from my roommate. Everything changed when I found out I was pregnant sadly, I lost our baby but I took that as a sign to move back to my home town.

P.S. I had to move out my apartment while he was a work….crazy

Moral of the story ladies, we all want to be loved and we all hate starting over so we will deal with so much! Cheating, getting lied to and we continuously hold these men down! Just imagine a man who did the same for you. Well that’s what I am waiting for! I made a promise to myself this New Years that I won’t settle even with my clock ticking loud in my ear lol.

Stay strong Queens luv ya xoxoxo


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