Single In The City: His House Was Filthy!!

Single In The City -

Single In The City: His House Was Filthy!!

So I met this cutie and after texting for two weeks or so we decided to finally meet up for lunch. The conversation went smoothly and it didn’t hurt that he smelled good too, which is a bonus in my eyes. He paid for the meal and I must say he was a perfect gentleman. We went our separate ways after lunch but we kept in contact daily. After a couple days I invited him to an event I was hosting and he agreed. I decided to meet him over his house since it was on the way to the venue.  I asked if I could use his restroom which I did need to use but I was also curious to see how he was living and HONEY I wasn’t ready for what I saw.


As soon as I walked in all eyes was on me!!! I didn’t know he had roommates, which is cool but give a sista the heads up. So at this point I have two CHICKS eying me down AND two little girls. He didn’t introduce us but I said hello anyway and they ignored the hell out of me lol. He showed me the bathroom and that’s when I notice all the JUNK walking towards the bathroom. I had to make sure I didn’t step on anything. OMG. It was filthy I couldn’t believe he was living like this and he has a great career. How can people live like this!!! I was pissed because I really had to use the bathroom at this point his bathroom was so nasty. I treated it like I would a public restroom. YUCK!!!


After using the restroom he told me to come to his room and to my surprise it was kinda clean lol. Especially, compared to the living room and bathroom I immediately asked him who was everyone in the living room. He said my cousins/roommates. After leaving his apartment I must say we had a great time but every time he calls I can’t get the image of his houseout of my head. He even asked me to come over for dinner the other day lol. I don’t have the heart to tell him the truth. I am turned off 🙁 

Have you ever dated someone who has a filthy house? Where you able to get over it? If so, how?


Photo Credit: Naomi Campbell 

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